hello, world

This blog is mainly a place to put down some of my thoughts, research, and general ramblings about computers, security, "cyber"-whatnots, and anything else that comes into my mind, really. Will it evolve into something more coherent? Maybe.

whoami? Shahar Tal, growing out of 9 years of service in the IDF as a developer, team leader, sysadmin, researcher and project leader. I also have a CS B.Sc from the Hebrew University, an MBA from Tel-Aviv University, currently studying towards a CS M.Sc. at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzelia.

I am a geek by heart and mind, I enjoy internet culture (most of whatever's on reddit), discussing and analyzing technology, computers, software, mobile computing, security, and the effects all of these have on our lives. I follow several feeds, mostly security oriented. I used to play games (RTS genre and all 'Guitar Hero'es as all-time favorites) but rarely do these days.

My greatest achievement so far has been finding my wife, Katy - the best partner I could possibly imagine to share my life with.

I have 2 severely geeky tattoos, one of which makes the interwebs rounds every once in a while (following "top geek tattoos" articles) - that is the one WITHOUT the hexadecimal memory dump.

Stepping out of the restrictions imposed by the classified realm I have been living in for the past 9 years, I would like to share, contribute, discuss and get involved with many security researchers and projects in the scene.

Drop me a line at me@shahart.al or on @jifa for any reason. I'm generally friendly, at least most of the time.